Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Vocabulary Cards

I tried something new yesterday and I am glad to say it worked well and I will certainly use this strategy again!  I had my students create vocabulary cards.  I gave each student a piece of white copy paper and assigned them a vocabulary word.  The student folded the paper in half "hot dog style" and on the outside wrote the vocabulary word and drew an illustration that would help them remember the meaning of the word. I explained to the the students that in order for the pictures to help them, that the picture needed to be creative and colorful.  The more creative and colorful the pictures are, the more likely the students will be to remember the words and their meanings.


After the students created their picture they switched papers with a partner.  The next step was for the students to write a definition of the word in their own words.  I stressed to the students that writing the definition in their own words was vital, again this was to aid them in learning and remembering the words.  The students then wrote a sentence using the word in the correct context.

Today,  the students participated in a gallery walk, in which they used three column notes to create a study guide for their vocabulary quiz and to better understand the vocabulary as we study it in our current text.  For the three column notes the students had to list the word in the first column, a definition in their own words in the second column, and then a picture to help them remember and connect with the word in the third column.


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing-- a nice extension would be to use 3 of the newly learned words in a short story or cartoon.

  2. Great idea. There exit slip was to use two of the words in a sentence and today they answered questions based on the words. The questions I used were:

    When might you explain that you have the requisite skills for a task?
    If a new idea resonates with you, how might you react?
    Does a new car cost a nominal amount of money? Explain.
    Why might you recap an event for a friend?
    Could you repatriate to another country? Why or why not?
    How do you react to having a teacher chide you about your behavior?
    What could you do to help someone who has difficulty with expiration?
    What might you say or do for someone who is despondent?

  3. This reminds me of my time in the elementary school :)
    Now im learning in a different way. Currently Im learning abroad in germany Berlin to learn german. The courses I took are intensive courses.

    Gruß Bob L.

  4. Great Idea! I can use it as a way to introduce academic language into my STEM/Digital Media classrooms. BAM! Instant Word Wall. Plus, what a powerful tool for ELA students and students with special needs. I also like the ticket out the door ideas.

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