Tuesday, September 3, 2013

100 Things I Love

Having a sense of community and truly knowing my students are very important aspects of my teaching philosophy.  My students are more than just students, they are my kids.  I love each of them and want the best for them.  With these thoughts in mind, I spend a great deal of time at the beginning of the school year learning about each of my students.  This year, I had my students make a list of 100 things they love. First, the students made a list of 100 things they loved.  They did this in their interactive notebook.  I plan to refer to these lists throughout the year for writing topics.  After the students completed their list they made a poster of their 100 things that they love.  Students were encouraged to be creative!  Some students wanted to use a website like taxgedo or wordle to create their poster.  I allowed them to do so, if they printed it at home.

I love the way the students' posters turned out! This is just a small sample of the great work the students created.  One thing I would do different next time is have the students make a list of 100 "favorite things"  instead of 100 things they "love".  Some of my students got stuck on the word "love", which made this assignment more difficult for them.  Once I explained that it could be favorite things, such as a favorite person, movie, song, food, etc.  They seemed to find this task much easier.